Find a Reliable Supplier of Frac Hose in Oklahoma

Frac Hose in Oklahoma

Fracking is the common term for hydraulic fracturing; a process used to allow natural gas and oil to be recovered from shale formations. A mixture of water, sand and chemicals are injected into the shale to create fissures and fractures that allow deposits of fossil fuels to flow upward where they can be recovered. Fracking is often referred to as horizontal mining. Oklahoma is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the United States and fracking creates many jobs for the residents of the state.
Frac hose is a specific type of industrial hose designed to handle the unique rigors and demands of fracking. Frac discharge hose is designed after fire hoses; both are used to deliver water at high pressures and have lay-flat characteristics. In addition to being able to handle water at high pressure, a wellhead frac hose must also be compatible with the various types of chemicals. The wellhead hoses used onsite are for use with water, mud (sand) and chemicals and deliver this medium that is pushed down the well under pressure. The long length fire hose style is used to delivery water long distances. The advantage of using this hose over pipe is that is routes itself easily over the contours of the land. Typical length of this hose is 660' in length and has two coupling types.
One is crimped on pipe nipples with pipe groove ends and the other uses a re-usable clamp system with pipe groove end. The re-usable is good for field repair when large hydraulic crimpers may not be available to the repair region. It is most economical to use crimp on fittings for installation at the beginning of the project then repair with re-usable fittings.  It must also be strong and versatile enough to resist the abrasion properties of sand at high speeds.

Quality Frac Hose Suppliers in Oklahoma

Fracking companies operating in Oklahoma, Texas and other prominent fracking areas of the US understand the importance of having a quality supplier. A quality supplier will have a large inventory of industrial hoses (including various types of frac hose), couplings and fittings that allow it to quickly service customer needs. Choosing a supplier with a large inventory of products will greatly minimize any downtime that is incurred as a result of hose failure.

Better Service and Competitive Pricing

Corporate suppliers previously had control over the market due to minimal competition. This allowed suppliers to maximize profits by charging higher prices, maintaining smaller inventories of products and providing inferior customer service.
Large alternative industrial hose suppliers have gained significant market share from customers in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and all areas across the US by providing an alternative source of supply and improving every aspect of the purchasing experience for customers. This includes offering competitive pricing, fast shipping and expert customer service. Businesses now have a choice of suppliers and are able to find a reliable supplier that minimizes downtime and saves costs.
Trust an alternative supplier and recognized member of The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution for all of your needs for industrial and frac hose in Oklahoma. Find out why more businesses are choosing these suppliers for better pricing, minimized lead-time and improved customer service today.
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